MDRF Advocate of the Month – Meet Cynthia!

Cynthia volunteers to meet with clients, provide legal consultations and cover court proceedings for MDRF. She has helped thousands of clients save their homes from foreclosure, stopped lawsuits, evictions and utility shut-offs and eliminated debt through either bankruptcy or agreed upon out-of-court debt settlements. Cynthia is very active in the local consumer bankruptcy community, often participating in conferences, local bar…

Our Clients’ Income

Our clients usually know their budget inside and out, because they must cover rent, food and other necessities off of so little. Many are disabled and live off of one disability check, with most of the money gone in a few days. Or like many of us, several clients lost their jobs in the Pandemic and are still looking for…

MDRF Advocate of the Month – Meet Michelle!

  Michelle is our board treasurer and has been a director with MDRF since 2017. She volunteers for the Organization, meeting with clients and covering court proceedings. In addition to her consumer bankruptcy work, she has years of experience in litigation, personal injury and estate planning. Michelle was a 2017 Worcester Business Journal 40 Under 40 Recipient, is a 2019…

Our Worcester Office

Our Worcester satellite office is located at 40 Jackson Street in Worcester in the Ivy Corset building, in Suite 1020. We chose Worcester for a satellite office location to better serve the needs of clients coming from Central Massachusetts, as well as due to its proximity to the Worcester Bankruptcy Court. The Ivy Corset Building is a refurbished mill building…

Our Office Location Profiles

At MDRF we want to be accessible to anyone in Massachusetts. To accomplish this, we have several offices throughout the state, and we offer video and phone appointments based on the individual’s needs. When there are special requirements, we also make every effort to meet with someone outside of our office, such as at home or another agreed upon location….

MDRF Advocate of the Month – Meet Richard!

Richard has been helping people get out of debt for almost 24 years! Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, he opened an office right in his hometown as well as several other offices across Massachusetts so he could help the greatest number of people possible. With this passion to help others most in need, Richard helped to start MDRF back in 2011….

How To Get Your Stimulus Payment

Under the CARES Act, many Americans will be receiving a stimulus payment very soon. The IRS started distributing the money last week. Who will get the check, and how much will you get? US Citizens and Residents with a social security number, who earned less than $75,000 in 2018 and 2019, and head of househoolds who earned less thank $112,500…

Deborah’s Story

  A recent client from Western Massachusetts shared her experience working with MDRF so she could eliminate her debt and get a fresh start:   After getting ill in 2012 (Legionnaires Disease) and nearly dying, I was not physically able to return to work. I had been working 45 hours a week and making good money when I became ill….

All About Zombie Debts

Another tactic debt collection companies use, is promising relief from debt collection phone calls if a payment is made. So someone may agree to make a minimal payment to stop the calls, only to then get a notice of a lawsuit for the entire debt now that the creditor can once again sue. If you think you may have zombie debt, educate yourself. Consumers have protections in place under the law, but without understanding of these laws debt collectors can manipulate them into giving up these protections. If you find yourself in a situation which you may fear will lead to zombie debt, know your rights as a consumer. Make sure you have all of your debts in writing. If the debt is not yours, write to the collection agency to stop contacting you (Siddons, 2018). Know the statute of limitations for your residing state. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations is six years for any debt. 

Introducing Our Amazing Leader Richard!

  “My name is Richard Ravosa and I have been helping people get out of debt for almost 22 years! I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and have an office right in my hometown as well as several other offices across Massachusetts so we can help the greatest number of people possible. While we always explore alternatives to filing bankruptcy,…