Introducing Our Amazing Leader Richard!


“My name is Richard Ravosa and I have been helping people get out of debt for almost 22 years! I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and have an office right in my hometown as well as several other offices across Massachusetts so we can help the greatest number of people possible. While we always explore alternatives to filing bankruptcy, sometimes bankruptcy is the best choice to help someone get out of debt and back on solid financial ground. I enjoy seeing the transformation in my clients from day one when they are usually not so happy about their finances and then about 4 months later when they are done with their case, they are so happy to be debt free!


I never get tired of hearing these words from clients that I have heard hundreds and hundreds of times, “Richard, I wish I filed bankruptcy sooner.” This is what it’s all about—helping people change an important aspect of their life for the better.  I am happy to provide a free, confidential consultation to anyone who asks, so if you have questions or know someone struggling with debt, please contact me and I would be delighted to help explain what I can do for you.”


You can meet Richard and the rest of the staff at MDRF if you join us August 3rd for our Game Night Fundraiser!! Go to our Event page to learn more.