Deborah’s Story


A recent client from Western Massachusetts shared her experience working with MDRF so she could eliminate her debt and get a fresh start:


After getting ill in 2012 (Legionnaires Disease) and nearly dying, I was not physically able to return to work. I had been working 45 hours a week and making good money when I became ill. I used up all of my savings and 401K funds and then I had to use my credit cards to survive. During this time I was trying to support my sons who were both struggling with addiction issues. All of this stress was taking a hard toll on my health. Filing for bankruptcy was the last thing I wanted to do but I had reached the bottom with no way out until I contacted MDRF. From the first phone call they were reassuring and helpful; they actually took the time to listen to me and explained the process of filing for bankruptcy to me.
My case was assigned to Maegan Hurley who was extremely helpful and worked with me to get all of the paperwork and other documents that were needed. She was very patient and understanding of my situation and always responded to my questions very promptly. An attorney from MDRF was also with me at the actual bankruptcy hearing; which was very comforting.
My bankruptcy was discharged this past December; since then my blood pressure has dropped nearly 20 points; both upper and lower numbers! I attribute this to the stress relief I feel since going through this procedure and to the wonderful MDRF family who helped me get through it all. I’m sincerely grateful to the whole MDRF team who took the time to listen to my case and decided to help me reclaim my health and my life!
Thank you to Deborah for sharing her story! If you know someone who may need our help, please let them know about our Organization. Check out our Eligibility Guidelines to see the qualifications to become a client.