Our Clients’ Income

Our clients usually know their budget inside and out, because they must cover rent, food and other necessities off of so little. Many are disabled and live off of one disability check, with most of the money gone in a few days. Or like many of us, several clients lost their jobs in the Pandemic and are still looking for a replacement.

For a family of four living off of less than $40,000 a year, one medical expense, unexpected cold winter, or car repair can be the final straw that makes the debt insurmountable without our help.

The above chart shows the various sources of income for the average MDRF client. To be eligible for free legal representation with our Program, our clients’ household income cannot exceed 150% of the HHS Poverty Line, or 200% for Veterans and Servicemembers. For a family of four that’s $39,750 a year, or for Veterans/Servicemembers, up to $53,000.

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