The Inspiration for Our Robin Logo

You may have noticed the friendly little Robin that graces our website and correspondence. We chose the Robin to represent our organization because of the promise of new beginnings that come with the arrival of Spring. For those in need of a fresh financial start, you can look to the Robin and be assured that as certain as the Robin shows up early in the Spring, we can show up in your life and provide a new beginning that will free you from the old and tired ways of debt and discouragement by shining a light as bright as the sun, which is symbolic of the Robin’s yellow beak that forecasts a bright future. There is a season for everything in life and the Robin has long been a symbol of renewal to provide inspiration in order to make the necessary changes that will lead you toward rejuvenation.

You may be going through a difficult time and have suffered financial setbacks, but we can help you to move beyond these hurdles and empower you with the tools for your comeback to a life of joy and happiness. We hope those struggling with debt can be inspired by the Robin’s promise of new beginnings and bright future. We can help you shake off the debts that held you back so that you can move forward full of positive energy and take full advantage of your fresh start and look forward to the road ahead.

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