What do I have to provide to file bankruptcy?

Most of the tasks that you will have to do as a client are at the beginning of your case. The bankruptcy process is “frontloaded,” meaning that most, if not all of the information that will be asked of you, must be provided to your lawyer before your case is filed. When you file bankruptcy you are required to submit a long document, called a Petition, that answers questions regarding everything you own, everyone you owe, and questions on your finances over the last few years.

Generally, you will be required to produce two years of tax returns, recent paystubs or other evidence of your income, a credit report and other evidence of what you owe, as well as documentation related to your personal belongings, such as a copy of your car title and bank statements. We have a more comprehensive list of what kind documents will be needed on our website, under Documents Needed on our Resources Page.

All of these documents are needed so we can carefully and meticulously analyze each individual’s circumstances and accurately prepare the petition. Once we have everything that is needed we carefully review the petition with you to make sure everything is answered as completely and accurately as possible.

Please contact us to learn more about this process as every person’s case is unique and our experienced attorneys will be happy to answer your questions and see if we can help you. You can call us directly at 508-232-4633, or apply to see if you qualify for free representation by going to the Application page of our website.

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