Sharing Joanna’s Story this Giving Tuesday

One week from today, after the leftovers and holiday shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we can all show our generosity by coming together in support of Giving Tuesday. For the first year MDRF will be participating, and we need your support!! Every dollar donated will make an impact in someone’s life right here in Massachusetts.

Someone, just like Joanna, a single mother of two young children. When Joanna came to MDRF, she had already lived through losing her job for company cost cutting, losing her home, and finally her car. With MDRF’s help, Joanna is now able to start over. She is working again, has a new apartment, got her car back, and she has the tools to stay on top her finances so she can begin to save for the future.Joanna Edit

Our organization gives fresh financial starts. You may know what it’s like to find yourself with an unexpected expense. Maybe it was a trip to the emergency room that was not completely covered by insurance, or a sudden car repair. What if you suffered this setback, but had no savings, no credit, and no friends or family able to help. And what if on top of everything, your unemployment is about to run out, you’re behind on your rent and the electric company is threatening to turn off your lights. This is the reality for so many, and without the reset provided by bankruptcy, these financial struggles only escalate. A large percentage of our clients are homeless or on the verge of losing their homes.

Bills and the unexpected should not ruin someone’s life. There are laws in place just for this reason, but without free legal help, the resources are unattainable for the most vulnerable in our community. With your help we hope to reach and help every person in Massachusetts that truly needs our help, at no cost to them.

To show you the very real impact of MDRF’s work, we’re going to share the words of one of our clients, Joanna, who bravely spoke about her journey at our Fall Dinner. We’ll share pieces of her words at first over the next week, and then on Giving Tuesday we’ll reveal her entire speech.

So, please consider helping us this Giving Tuesday, by giving any amount that you can on 12/1. Remember, every dollar counts! And consider spreading the word on social media. Help us make an impact this Giving Tuesday.

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