Leading Up to Giving Tuesday – In Joanna’s Words – Part 2

At the Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation’s Inaugural Fall Dinner, MDRF client Joanna shared her story. In the days leading up to Giving Tuesday we are going to share pieces of what she shared, with her entire speech revealed on 12/1.

Joanna Edit

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the Mass. Debt Relief Foundation for alleviating many years of stress and anxiety. For me when it came to dealing with money, in all aspects: earning it, spending it, trying to save it, and when and where to invest it, I did not have a clue. I was raised by my grandparents and unfortunately the only time we talked about money was on the first of the month when the bills were due. Every dollar aside from what we spent as a family with the family. Growing up there was nothing to discuss.

I’ve worked since the age of eleven and my motto was I earned it I could buy what I want with it…worked pretty well for me. Again, no one was teaching ,me about money value.

Then came two children…and…my motto quickly changed to I earned it but now I can ONLY buy what I NEED and what They WANT.

Then I became a single mother and the bills kept growing and life became harder and so on and so on. Rent, gas, light, daycare, car payment, car insurance, medical bills, it wouldn’t end. Then came kindergarten, and ‘what do you mean you need school supplies, and school snacks, and your school wants donations?’ and ‘your sneakers are too small?’ ‘Your coats too?’ ‘No you can’t have cable because we need to eat, and no you can’t go here or there or anywhere because I need my gas; and so on and so on. 

Then came the news that I was being laid off in three weeks due to a change in company set up where they were transferring my department to a bigger company that could better manage the benefits for the best interest of our members.

Come back tomorrow for Part 3, and to find out more about how you can help on Giving Tuesday please visit our Razoo page. 

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