Announcing Expanded Eligibility Guidelines for Veterans & Military Personnel

Our mission at MDRF is to improve the quality of life for people who are unduly burdened with excessive debt by providing compassionate and effective pro bono legal representation in order to eliminate debt and restore peace of mind. We are committed to elevating our neighbors out of poverty through the elimination of debt, and through providing the information needed to make smart decisions going forward so every client can really take advantage of their fresh start.

To accomplish this mission we provide completely free representation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, for low income Massachusetts residents who simply have no ability to afford a lawyer. Under our guidelines eligibility is based in part by a household income of 150% or less of the HHS Poverty guidelines. This is the same criteria the Court considers in granting a waiver of the filing fee.

We are proud to announce that in October 2015, our Board voted to expand our Guidelines for Veterans, National Guardsmen and Military Personnel up to 200% of the HHS Poverty guidelines. We are all so thankful for all who have served our country. We hope with this change that any Massachusetts Servicemember in need of eliminating their debt will not have to sacrifice their well-being by reducing necessities such as food or heat in order to afford the necessary legal fees.

To find out more about our Eligibility Guidelines, please visit our website. 

All of us at the Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation are determined to make sure that everyone that could benefit from our free services can find us. With that in mind, please spread the word or send anyone you think may need our help our way. Our services are always 100% free.

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