MDRF Client Story – In Their Own Words

I found myself in court being sued by a credit card company for the 3rd time! This time the amount I was being sued for was well over $10K and they were threatening to garnish my wages!… I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. I was barely getting by working a full-time job trying to provide for me and my 2 boys and the threat of having my wages garnished was very stressful. I felt like I had FAILED.

To add insult to injury I lost my job 2 months later. I reached out to a family friend who is an attorney and he suggested Bankruptcy. I shot down the idea almost instantly. From what I had heard about Bankruptcy, it was a NOT an option for someone with my circumstances…. After doing some research, I realized BOY was I wrong!… I took the attorney’s advice and contacted MDRF and am so GLAD I DID!

Maegan Hurley walked me through the entire Bankruptcy process. She was always there to answer any/all questions that I had. Maegan kept in contact with me weekly to keep me up to date on the status of my case and remind me of important dates and courses that I needed to attend.

I am TRULY grateful to Maegan and the entire staff at MDRF! I feel like I have a 2nd chance at life!

Photo by nicollazzi xiong from Pexels


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