Introducing Dara Sandau


Dara Sandau, Esq., Managing Attorney Sandau Legal P.C.

Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation- Board Member

I recently joined the Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation as a Board Member due to a shared passion for the mission of, “Helping People Overcome Debt with Dignity.”

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in someone’s life through information and education.  Together, these tools empower a person to make healthier and smarter decisions.  Serving the underserved is vital to both social and economic stability and in my opinion, a responsibility for all humankind.   When people are informed and educated of their rights, they gain the confidence needed to overcome obstacles and barriers ultimately, leading to prosper both socially and financially.

Sandau Legal P.C. has offices based in Lawrence, Massachusetts and practices in the areas of bankruptcy, business law, landlord/tenant, and consumer protection.