Why File Bankruptcy?

As a hardworking, decent and honest person, no doubt you want to be able to pay your bills as they become due. With the slow economy and difficult job market creating financial uncertainty in the workplace, many individuals and families find themselves having to be creative in stretching their dollars to go as far as they can. Sometimes, this is not enough and you fall behind on credit card payments, auto loans, utility bills and the rent.

The financial blow can be so┬ádevastating that it may be extremely difficult, or even impossible to recover from. Maybe you’re struggling to keep up due to a job loss, loss of a partner who was the breadwinner through divorce, death, or separation, or major medical expenses due to prolonged illness, catastrophic injuries or disability. Whatever the cause, the Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation is a statewide pro bono legal aid organization with lawyers ready to assist you with putting all of your past due bills behind you by getting you a discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. With a bankruptcy discharge, you no longer have to worry about past due bills. You get a true fresh financial start. If you feel like we may be able to help you or if you have questions, please contact us. Every case we take is pro bono, which means there is zero cost to our clients.

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