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Are you currently receiving help from MDRF? Or did you receive a discharge of your debt with help from our Organization? Are you interested in sharing your own journey of debt relief?

All of us at MDRF are so grateful that you are interested in learning more about sharing your experience with our Organization. By sharing your story, you will help MDRF serve many more families and help us to spread the word about what it is truly like living with and without debt.

Client stories help show our funders how we help our clients. We invite entries for written testimonials, videos, or and in-person participation at fundraising events.

Please submit your testimony or any other feedback you’d like us to share via email to info@madrf.org. You always have complete control over how or if we tell your story, so please feel free to let us know any restrictions on how you’d like us to share your thoughts. Please also feel free to call us to discuss at 508-232-4633.


MDRF offers free legal advice on debt relief options. When a bankruptcy is in the person’s best interest, we offer 100% free representation to individuals at or below 150% of the Poverty Line, or for Veterans & Servicemembers, at or below 200% of the Poverty Line.

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