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2020 – Janice

I was so stressed out and depressed then the Young Lawyer’s Project informed me that Meagan Hurley accepted my Case Pro Bono. I was happy and nervous at the same time. I had her information but was too nervous to call. Next thing you know Maegan called me, introduced herself and was so nice and informative I immediately felt relieved the first time we spoke on the phone. Maegan explained the initial process to me and kept me informed every step of the way. Maegan is very intelligent and so thorough I didn’t have any questions (they were already answered before I could ask) and my Case was filed quicker than I could have imagined. Maegan is very professional and courteous and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

2020 – Amy

In the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I was connected to Maegan and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. I had anxiety about the process in general and the underlying shame that comes along with it, but she was so helpful and straightforward that I literally forgot to worry about it. She was friendly, polite, respectful and even made sure I knew how to get to and from her office for our first in-person meeting. She cleared up all of my questions (even the ones that felt silly), and kept in touch frequently via email to ensure that we both had all the necessary information.
The relief I feel in having my case resolved is amazing and I hope that many others are able to benefit from Maegan’s assistance. Many thanks to her as well as the MDRF for overcoming this hurdle.

2019 – Anonymous

Maegan Hurley is the definition of professionalism. She handled my case with urgency and due diligence. I was relieved of all worries the moment I met her. She is so dedicated and non judgmental. The process was clearly explained and executed in a timely manner. I would recommend her and the MDRF to anyone in a financial quagmire. I was given her name through a friend of mine. The phone call I made to Maegan changed my life. Do not be afraid to call them. They will and can help. Outstanding people with fantastic results.

2018 – Keith

I would like to thank Maegan L. Hurley. Esq. and the Mass. Dept. Relief Foundation inc. very much for all the help and assistance they gave me in going bankrupt. I would not have ever got out of my financial hardship without them. I looked into bankruptcy on the internet, talked to friends and I could never afford it. A friend said to google a pro-bono lawyer and they will help you. That same night I did it sent me to their link, I filled out the forms and a day later Maegan called me back. She walked me through everything I was never left to guess or be confused with all the legal paperwork or appointments. Maegan worked hard and got everything wavered for me. Since the bankruptcy my life has changed the stress the worries and my medical conditions have improved, my nightmare is gone forever. If you need a lawyer she is the best one out there. I recommend her highly.

2018 – RuthAnn

My gratitude can never be expressed enough for winning my bankruptcy case for me. Finding and calling your office and being referred to you by Attorney Ravosa and his wife, was an answer to a prayer. I am overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness!!! Thank You Thank You. With my deepest respect, I am forever grateful.

2018 – Jessica

I waited a long time before finally deciding to declare bankruptcy. I felt responsible for my debt, but it was also difficult to come to terms with the fact that I could not see a time in the future when I would be able to pay everything back. I’d been homeless for almost 5 years, (because of the 2008 crash) and then in the Spring of 2017 I had cancer. I had a lot of anxiety and shame. But I finally contacted the Mass Legal Help, who connected me with Mass Debt Relief, and then to Maegan Hurley. For me, the best thing was Ms. Hurley’s patience and attitude. I felt like a failure and I was prepared to be judged accordingly but she treated me with dignity, respect and total understanding. She helped me understand that sometimes people just need help. I would recommend her and the Mass Debt Relief Foundation without reservation. Maegan – Thank for helping me get back on my feet!!

2018 – Andrea

The law isn’t about an attorney’s impressive status or the dollar amount of a settlement, but about protecting our rights, making you feel whole and improving your life. I can attest that Attorney Hurley was instrumental in all of the above. I was scared, confused, and down right ignorant of what bankruptcy was all about. Through her guidance, patience, and consistency, I finally came to terms with my financial situation and was able to resolve what needed to be resolved. More importantly, it was done with the professionalism that many other attorneys who charge more than I could have even come up with at no additional cost to me. The organization, Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation was instrumental in making this bankruptcy happen. I literally had no money at all to be able to file. The mantra, “Overcome Debt with Dignity” says it all. Thank you so very much! Please continue the outstanding work.

2017 – Tammy

I needed to file for bankruptcy and I came across Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation and I worked with Maegan (she did my case pro bono). She is easy to speak with, extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. When I wasn’t sure about something, she would explain it to me until I fully understood the issue at hand. I also met Richard, Cynthia and Michelle , all of them were very nice. I highly recommend Meagan Hurley and Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation. Meagan made the bankruptcy process a whole lot less stressful than I thought it would be.

2016 – AC

Thank you for turning my life around from struggling with credit card debt. The Mass Debt Relief Foundation was my saving grace when I saw your ad in the Springfield Republican. As a senior on a fixed income making minimum credit card payments was going nowhere and only creating a deeper debt. Your organization walks with you every step of the way and is just amazing to work with. If someone is in a deep financial situation I would urge them to contact you. I have learned a valuable lesson in managing my finances, being out of debt, and having peace of mind. Can’t thank you enough.

2016 – CK

I am a 68 year old woman who had worked her whole life, cared for my parents until they passed on, and then became sick myself. I was hospitalized due to a heart condition and a brain hemorrhage, in intensive care and rehab for a few months. Not working caused me to be dependent on credit cards. I had $35,000 in credit card debt, was paying 85% of my social security check to cover barely minimum payments and had to keep using these credit cards, just to cover basic needs. I was overwhelmed with fear. A family friend told my daughter of the MDRF (Mass Debt Relief Foundation) program and helped me contact Maegan Hurley in Boston. She walked me through the process, submitted my bankruptcy case, and I am now debt free. This has changed my life in that I can breathe again, hope again, and concentrate on living. This program not only stabilizes individual lives, but can also bring peace and wholeness once again to entire families.

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