How to Defend a Collection Lawsuit

If you have been sued by a creditor for money, the most important thing to do is respond to the lawsuit. Never ignore a lawsuit or complaint because if you do, you will automatically lose! The next thing to do is to contact a lawyer to get a free consultation and see what your rights are. Many times, the creditor…

Student Loans: Income Based Repayment

To officially kick of our blog series about student loan management options, we are going to discuss income-driven repayment plans. These plans are only available to people with qualifying federal student loans that are in good standing. If your loan is in default you are going to have to rehabilitate your loan before pursuing one of these plans. There are…

Student Loans: Introduction

Here at DRF, we regularly get calls from people that are struggling with student loan debt. Many of them have not had the chance to learn about several very powerful strategies that can be used to manage and pay off their student debt. Because of this, we have decided to start a short blog series about these management strategies, who…

Why Your Gift Matters & How You Can Help

Instead of paying legal fees, people can come to the MDRF for legal advice and free legal representation through bankruptcy proceedings as well as other debt matters. By providing these two aspects of financial and legal help, we are able to help people across the board.

However, again, we are not able to provide any of these much-needed services to the community without donations. A $200 donation pays for us to walk a client through creating a budget, a $350 donation pays for a comprehensive one-hour legal consultation, $400 covers assisting a client with obtaining the optimal student loan repayment option, and so on up to a $1,500 donation covering an entire legal representation for a client in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.