Financial Literacy Resources

By law you are entitled to a free credit report from each crediting report agency once a year. This includes Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

You can get this online at www.annualcreditreport.com.

If you’re a client please save this as a pdf and email to us at info@madrf.org.

To Order By Phone:

Call 877-322-8228. The reports will come in about 2 to 3 weeks.

To Order By Mail:

Print the request form and mail the completed form to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service

P.O. Box 105281

Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

Credit Counseling

If a bankruptcy filing is needed, before a case can be filed you must take the credit counseling course. This is will take a little more than one hour. There are several companies that offer this, and it costs between $15 and $50. If eligible for a waiver we will provide assistance on how to proceed at no cost.

Post-Filing Course

After a bankrupctcy case is filed you will need to take a second course, called Financial Management or sometimes called Debtor Education. This course is a little over two hours long, and costs about the same as the first course. Once again, if eligible we will help you to take this for free.

Contact our office for options on where you can take these courses. Once completed, please email the certificate to us at info@madrf.org

Documents Needed for Your Case

If we are able to provide representation we may need you to first complete a comprehensive questionnaire. After our attorney has reviewed your questionnaire we will give you a list of specific documents needed, based on your circumstances.

Click here for a General List of Documents Needed

Many items can be obtained online. Below is a list of websites for frequently needed documents:

Please call your attorney if you need help obtaining a requested document.

Moving Beyond Debt,

Including repayment with a specific plan, consolidation, settlement, and bankruptcy. Please feel free to contact us for guidance on your own options based on your circumstances.

This link provides a general overview of the options and how to approach creating your own debt relief plan

Building A Budget

Building and consistently living within a budget will help you keep your debt relief goals and generate savings.

The Building A Budget Toolkit can help you understand your spending and make changes.

Protected Income Letter

Use this form letter if you have protected income and/or would like the creditor or collection agency to stop all communications with you. Note, the creditor may still contact you regarding legal actions.

Letter to Creditor