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How Much Does it Cost to File Bankruptcy?

How Much Does it Cost to File Bankruptcy?

The legal fee in a typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is about $1,500. That can go up or down depending on what is involved in the case, but by and large, a legal fee of $1,500 is not out of the ordinary. You will also have to pay a filing fee on top of the legal fee. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 case is $338.00. In addition to the legal fee and filing fee, there are also fees associated with taking the required credit counseling course and financial management course. Each of these courses cost about $25.00, but can be more or less depending on the company that you use. In total, the typical cost for someone to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is about $2,000—and that’s a lot of money!

However, if you qualify for our pro bono bankruptcy representation, your cost to have us represent you at the MDRF is zero—we will be happy to represent you completely free of charge. If you are eligible, we will also apply on your behalf to get court filing fee waived so that you do not have to pay it, and we also will apply to get your credit counseling and financial management course fees waived. If you find yourself struggling with debt and no money to hire a lawyer, do what hundreds have done and call us—we can help you!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert attorneys. MDRF offers phone and video consults to all Massachusetts residents, always for free. If we’re able to help, and if you qualify for representation under our guidelines, we can also offer direct assistance. Our eligibility guidelines and application for help can both be found on our website at massdebtrelieffoundation.org.